Following an upgrade of Pennsylvania's Route 53 several years ago, a road sign designating the boundary line was relocated based on GPS. But the GPS map did not look back to the boundaries of 200 years ago. Local land surveyor Fred Brown, however, did. And the ongoing boundary line dispute is finally cleared up.

Published: November 11, 2009 10:31 pm        
CASSANDRA - A long-running boundary dispute between Portage and Washington townships appears to have been resolved during an informal meeting Wednesday.
Steps will be taken to guarantee that questions over location of the line along Route 53 do not surface again, officials from both townships said.
Using a recently completed land survey and maps from the former Pennsylvania Railroad, Portage and Washington supervisors say they’ve reached a consensus that the line and road signs should be midway on the hill north of the former Kick’s Convenience Store between Portage and Lilly.
“We plan to have (survey) pins put in and we want to put up a concrete monument so 300 years from now they know where the line is once and for all,” Portage Supervisor Ken Trimbath said.