Posted By paul plutae on 9/15/2009 at 8:58 PM

Dummy me!

First light and first setup. I get the DC cabled to the gun and start setting up my back sight/ occupied point and accidentally hit the toggle that placed Azimuths in the field instead of the normal angle rights. I saw that I hit the toggle and *thought* I made a mental note to fix that, guess I ran out of brain paper cause the note was not there five minutes later.

I went through three and a half setups like that and towards the end of the day, we discovered the mess up when we were point staking to a meter that I was not sure I shot.

The meter was like on an angle right of 220°, but the DC said it was just 86° right!!!

I could NOT figure out what was wrong until Greg asked if I was in angle left mode..then I saw it LOL

Wasnt too tought to fix, but it sure would have been a mess if we had not discovered's the little things that cause the problems.

PS I learned the hard way to NOT try and fix something like that in the field, just keep doing it wrong if you know what the *wrong* part is and fix it in the office.