Posted By John Giles on 8/11/2009 at 6:02 PM

I met with a client and advised him that he needed an attorney.

They are getting 10 Acres I'm surveying deeded to them from family.

They are getting a home loan on the property and improvements.

Attorney advised client they didn't need a survey at all. All they needed me to do was use an old map from 1936 of the parent tract and have me cut out the 10 acres on paper. And I would do it for next to nothing.

I told client this was not possible as they would have to show the improvements on the survey once complete and I can't do that if I don't survey it. Their lender wouldn't accept whatever I draw up anyway as it would be full of disclaimers and I wouldn't put my signature or seal to it either.

He said go ahead with the survey.

I have half a mind to advise client to use a different attorney as I am truly worried they will not get the quality of service they need from this attorney. They are first time home buyers and don't have a clue what they need. I know several good attorneys that wouldn't give such terrible advice.

"Just cut it out using the old 1936 map." yeah right.