Posted By Deral at Home on 10/1/2009 at 5:45 PM

To wrap up yesterdays blog then this is a picture of the topo that we did. It covers large parts of two sections. A bit over 2500 shots and a free OPUS-DB as a bonus.

Over 150' of relief from the bottom to the top with lots of stairway cuts and roads intersecting contours. Thank goodness for F2F and linework that forces breaks. Just a little care with connecting the lines and some well placed shots and you have a pretty realistic map that mimics the actual ground. If I have time tomorrow I'm going to do some 3-D work on this and post some pictures tomorrow night.

Now for my question.

We have a Net-3G Hiper base unit in one office. It has all the constellations and all the options turned on. You dial in to an IP address to access the corrections. Since it is a stand alone then what exactly would you call this base station?

It's not a VRN (Virtual Reference Network). I just need to figure what to call it in a document that I'm going to prepare for any others that use our station. Access is free to anyone with a cell modem.

One of our local surveyors just ordered the modems to take his base/rover combo and turn them into two rovers. And the other local guy is about ready to do the same thing. Both of them are swamped and this is a very low cost way to utilize their existing equipment and to field two sets of rovers instead of singles.

One of them will need to also get the codes to turn on GLONASS if they want the full capability of our system but still with the modems and this then it's a pretty cheap way to field two crews.

Lawton proper is about 40 square miles. 4x10 so the farthest you will be from the base in town will be about 6 miles.

As part of my documentation Michael and I shot a ton of our geodetic control points in each quadrant and at the limits of each quadrant.

We went a step further and developed a plume of total coverage cell wise. I think our farthest shot was 36 miles. We did this in four quadrants also and this spans some 6 counties. Used only geodetic marks that we had redone to the NSRS-2007 adjustment. Many HARNS and other points that the NGS had readjusted.

I have all this in a nice neat spreadsheet but I'm going to do a little geomagician magic and use ArcMap to build some easy to understand maps using buffers for cell coverage and expected accuracies.

Sorta putting together a users guide for those that are jumping on our system. Of course, lots of caveots for the surveyors but they will do their own checks and make sure that their data is good.

Just struggling with a name.

IP Reference Base? (IPRB)
Virtual Reference Base? (VRB)

Heck, I'm pretty sure that there is already an accepted name for a system like ours.


On a side note. I was interested but could not justify the checking of the very far points as being valid within themselves. By that I mean if you are 30 miles away and you might be off the NSRS by 4 tenths will all your points on that survey still be internally consistent.

I'm not sure but I think as a constellation changes during the day then you would not have this connectivity between points but it would be interesting to observe and report on.