Vbbeacon.com: FEMA official suggests that landowners contesting FEMA's newly issued flood plain maps--based on outdated 1981 data--consider hiring a surveyor as a group and divide the cost amongst themselves.

By Anna Johnson
September 01, 2009

Vbbeacon.com: On Thursday, Aug. 27, community leaders and county residents met with regional representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to discuss problems caused by the agency’s new flood insurance rate maps.

The new maps are part of FEMA’s nationwide initiative to digitize all flood maps. Unicoi County’s new maps went into effect Sept. 3, 2008, redefining the lines set by previous maps created in 1985.

The new flood maps have caused problems for some county residents wishing to sell or develop their land and have found that their property, which previously sat outside a floodplain, now sits within one.

Thursday’s meeting was set up through the office of Rep. Phil Roe after Erwin City Recorder Randy Trivette brought the issue to his attention.

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