As the U.S. military transitions out of Iraq, the facilities and security at Camp Liberty must be improved to facilitate the increased number of soldiers moving through--an impossible task without the updated maps being provided by National Guard survey and drafting teams.

Multi-National Division Baghdad
Story by 1st Lt. Michael Lind
Date: 11.05.2009
Posted: 11.06.2009 03:07, Iraq – A temporary increase in the number of Soldiers moving through Camp Liberty is expected as the U.S. military transitions to a responsible drawdown in Iraq.

This increase means plans to improve facilities and security; an impossible task without updated maps.

Troops of the 621st Survey and Design Team, 101st Engineer Battalion, 16th Eng. Brigade, surveyed Camp Liberty, Nov. 5, to provide leaders and Soldiers with updated maps.

From North Carolina, the National Guard team includes two survey teams and one drafting team who are responsible for architectural design, land survey, and cartography. ...

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