LFM NetView 1.0 allowed access to high resolution laser scan data for the first time, from around the globe via the Internet. With alternative web share products, the resolution and accuracy of laser scan data can suffer as the data is made 'compact' to allow for efficient web transfer.

The core development strategy established in LFM NetView 1.0 is maintained in this latest edition. No resolution is lost as the LFM NetView data 'mirrors' the full underlying point cloud, the data is not reduced or transferred.

New features ensure full colour support of laser scan data, enhanced security and improved measurement and annotation tools. LFM NetView 1.1. is also easy to use and highly intuitive for the untrained or infrequent user.

The ability to reliably and rapidly measure pipe diameters is a key new feature which greatly adds to the power of LFM NetView for Process, Power & Marine users. Pipe measurement is simple; the user scribes a line along the pipe to be measured and its diameter is then calculated. Width Measurements can now also be made, allowing the user to determine the perpendicular distance between a point and a plane.

New tools also allow for improved navigation. Users have found the BubbleView a natural and simple way to browse through scan data. This experience has been enhanced. Users can now ascertain the location of adjacent scans from within the currently loaded BubbleView. Coloured symbols also indicate the distance between the scans and whether the scan would be visible or hidden from view. Adjacent scans can be loaded from the current BubbleView with a one click motion.

LFM NetView 1.1 builds on its existing 'Master-Slave Mode'. This allows a company and their client (or a colleague) to review a laser scanning project remotely over the Internet. This feature is unique to LFM. In addition to existing mark-up and measurement facilities, a highlighter function has now been added to improve communications between parties when remotely discussing a particular feature in a Master-Slave session. A Master can make a single mouse click to highlight a particular area of the scan which he/she is referring to. It is instantaneously highlighted in the Slaves.

Additional new features include:

* 'Fast Region Definition' - LFM NetView now allows scans to be grouped according to user-defined regions.
* A 'Filter by Region' and 'Filter by Name' option allows users to filter scans on the Key Plan
Communications between LFM NetView and laser scan data in LFM NetView Server are now digitally signed. LFM NetView Server will only respond to requests that it authenticates as being genuine, preventing unauthorised access to data.
* There are now three levels of user privilege: Administrator, Regular or Guest. These provide control over what different users can do in an LFM NetView project.
* German and Spanish Language Support.
* Annotations now have attributes allowing users to see who created them and when.

About Z+F
Z+F UK are recognised as specialists in 3D laser scanning. They promote internationally renowned, Z+F laser scanning technology and develop LFM which is fast becoming an industry standard in laser scanning software.