SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 24, 2009 – Trimble Building Construction Division announced four new technology solutions for the building construction contractor. These new products demonstrate Trimble’s commitment to increase the productivity and profitability of building construction contractors. Each of these new solutions provides a strong return on investment and increased productivity on the jobsite.
Trimble AllTrak
Trimble has introduced Trimble® AllTrak Asset Management System for contractors to better control their construction equipment and tools.
Trimble Digital Pen Solutions
Designed specifically for the construction contractor, the Trimble® Digital Pen Solutions provide the simplicity of working with pen and paper with easy conversion to digital data by using a dockable digital pen.
Spectra Precision Laser DDS300
The new Spectra Precision Laser DDS300 system provides dynamic depth display to improve the accuracy and productivity of trenching, excavating and grading operations. With wireless connectivity between components, simple installation and movement between machines, and an affordable price, the new DDS300 is ideal for compact equipment on large commercial, industrial and residential jobsites.
Trimble TS215 Total Station and Trimble LM80 Layout Manager v5.0
Trimble has introduced a new mechanical total station, the Trimble TS215 Total Station and a new version of the Trimble LM80 Layout Manager version 5.0-expanding its construction portfolio to deliver the power of Trimble construction layout solutions at an Entry Level Price Point.


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