The two surveyors in Uganda escaped from a lynch mob that hanged and burned the landlord of property intended for sale.

Daily Monitor - August 18, 2009
Fred Muzaale
A landlord who tried to sell his land despite protests from his tenants was lynched and his body set ablaze on Sunday. The incident happened in Kayonza Sub-county, Kayunga District barely a month after a mob in the same area lynched a land agent.
Kayunga District police boss John Dhabangi identified the deceased as Sam Kubo, a 32-year-old dealer in agricultural produce.
Despite protests from the tenants, Mr Kubo was going ahead with plans to sell his land and had travelled with two land surveyors from Kampala. He was surrounded by angry tenants who hacked him to death, threw his body onto the back of a pick-up truck in which he and the surveyors had travelled, and set it ablaze. ...