Posted By Just Mapit on 11/13/2009 at 2:52 PM

2 days ago my equipment was stolen. Today I recieved a phone call from another surveyor who said two other office/trucks were broken into. The items taken seem to make up a nice field outfit. My level was left in the truck. Had to be reached over to get my prism box....but it was left. My laptop was pinfinder was left. they seem to have had their own little shopping list. The other equipment stolen (someone else) was not the same for each place)pinfinder, tools etc.

Hint....someone is stealing only what they need and it has happened in the last few days during this miserable noreaster we are in.

The total loss was over 20k for me. More than likely the surveyors I called and asked to be on the lookout for anyone selling equipment was not necessary. Who ever stole the equipment has no intent to sell at a pawn shop. They will be using in the field right under our noses.

That is of course...the lojack embedded doesn't sink their boat first.....but then....they never really know what might be in store for them. maybe nothing....ya just don't know these days.

Craig Davenport
Davenport Land Surveying