Posted By Laurie Weatherston on 11/17/2009 at 5:05 PM

After running a few searches and reading many several comments, as well as articles on datums and realizations, I still have an unsolved mystery, which my eqiupment rep. also can't solve:

Using the SPC (particular zone) coordinates from an OPUS solution (Static, 4-hour, precise - 96% OBS USED, 100% FIXED AMB, 0.012M OVERALL RMS - NAD 83 CORS 96, EPOCH 2002.0000), the coordinates I get for 2 monuments I've shot (repeated observations) with published coordinates (NAD 83/94) (1 NGS and 1 DOT) are shifted +/- 7cm north and +/- 10cm west from the published coordinates (grid). I'm using Topcon Equipment set to NAD83_NO_TRANS datum. When I inverse between points I've observed which also appear on others" recorded maps on SPC, our bearings and distances agree within 1-2 sec's and a few hundredths.

Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance.

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