Canada's Old Banff Cemetery reminds visitors of the price of war and Banff's contributions throughout history, including the contributions of two of its land surveyor residents.


Whyte’s annual cemetery tour recalls heroic service

Posted By By Brett Clark
The Whyte Museum's Remembrance Day tour of the Old Banff Cemetery offers an insight into Banff's contributions to war.
The Old Banff Cemetery at the end of Buffalo Street, reminds visitors of the price of war, and Banff's contributions throughout history.
"This cemetery is unique and the most historic in Canada," said Pam Manning, a historical interpreter for the Whyte Museum. "One in three people found here can also be found in a history book."
Tom Wilson may be one of the more famous individuals inside the cemetery thanks to his ability to be in the right place at the right time. He joined the North West Mounted Police in 1879 at the age of 17 and was one of the officers who kept guard over Sitting Bull when he crossed the medicine line, today's Canada/United States border. Wilson eventually resigned from the NWMP stemming from a disagreement with Sir John A. MacDonald and his government over the starving of Sitting Bull and his people.  ...
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