Belleville, Illinois –In response to users growing interest in saving the environment and expanding their pocketbook, U-Mark is proud to introduce the revolutionary AP-1 greenlabel ink marker.

Providing up to 12 times the writing mileage of ordinary permanent markers, AP-1’s Advanced Valve Technology ensures the ink is used to the last drop. AP-1 marks permanently, indoors or outdoors, on glass, wax cartons, wood, rubber, pipe, stretch film, tape, oily metals, leather, and most difficult surfaces.

“We developed AP-1 with today’s user in mind” says Marco Ziniti CEO of U-MARK Inc... “We know people are looking to save money, but we don’t think that should mean compromising value or using harmful materials. Most importantly AP-1 has received excellent reviews from demanding users such as surveyors and tomato growers. It’s a remarkably versatile pen.”

Continuing the century-old tradition of making marking devices in the historic Belleville, Illinois plant, U-Mark exports markers all over the world. AP-1 uses 100% US made components and features environmentally friendly ink, ergonomic cap and a reversible tip for more marking options.” We love to innovate, and we take a lot of pride in our products. If you want one marker for all your tough marking jobs, this is it” says Ziniti. ”AP-1 marks on just about anything, and has a reasonable price.”

U-Mark manufactures a variety of marking pens for industrial and professional use, and holds several patents for marking devices. More information can be found on