Posted By Mike Turnrose on 7/14/2009 at 4:32 PM

I am preparing a legal and plat for a 5 foot right of way dedication. It's to be a portion of a lot in a recorded subdivision. It's a perfect rectangle with dimensions as follows S51°30'E 245.00 feet x N38°30'E 64.30 feet. The dedication is to be on the northwest side adjacent to the existing street frontage. Since the lot is not oriented more or less cardinal north/south nor east/west, how would you write the legal? (i.e. northwesterly 5 feet of Lot 19, front 5 feet of Lot 19, that 5' foot portion of Lot 19 adjacent to the southeasterly line of Monroe Drive, etc...) I didn't see this type of issue addressed in Wattles book.

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