Laval, Quebec – Geo-Plus geomatics, announces the launch of VisionPlus 2009. VisionPlus presents a range of software functions that is an achievement in software development. Its performance places it in a position of strength and confirms its key role in the land surveying and all related fields.

"We are pleased with the response that VisionPlus 2009 has generated. Its performance is the result of our commitment to our loyal customers. With their suggestions of development that are specific to their needs, they encourage us to continue to develop new aspects that keep us on top of our industry” said Wilfrid Beaupre, President of Geo-Plus.

Amongst the new features at the cutting edge of technology is the Site Building feature. You can move a building and the setbacks adjust automatically. All the elements of the drawing follow. A real time saver for any last minute changes. And who doesn’t need time! The connectivity manager, the parcel manager or all other modules are all conceived not only to respond to specific needs but also to help in process-related issues.

VisionPlus 2009 is the result of several years serving professionals from the construction industry. VisionPlus Software has the largest number of licenses in circulation for any Canadian Land Surveying Software running on AutoCAD, MicroStation, PowerDraft, Civil3D and IntelliCAD.

More on VisionPlus 2009
VisionPlus, designed by Land Surveyors for Land Surveyors, combines both COGO calculations and drawing functions, all in a friendly user interface. All modules are practical and easy to use. Those include full COGO calculations functions, topologic parcels manager, points and connectivity manager, building siting manager, least square adjustments, customizable legal descriptions and many automation tools. All land survey work become clear and easy. VisionPlus dramatically simplifies the drawing layout and information workflow processes, optimizing efficiency. Geo-Plus special trainer is always available to go and give a hand to any client who needs a quick start. The support team is also part of Geo-Plus strength.

About Geo-Plus.
Geo-Plus was founded in 1987, at which time it had but one software. And it bore the enterprise’s name, Geoplus. To respond to the constantly changing market Geo-Plus kept refining the software and it became the top of the line geomatics software, VisionPlus. VisionPlus is widely used. Clients from small or great scale companies, for instance many governmental instances like Ministry of Transport, many municipalities, Hydro electric plant and so on, are using VisionPlus. Our list of clients is displayed on our website. Moreover, many colleges and universities use our software as a teaching tool for training the next generation of land surveyors.

In the near future land surveying will be done in a complete different way. The people you see taking measures with total stations along roadsides, and elsewhere, will no longer be seen. All measurements will be taken from the air, by a sweeping method gathering tones of information. This will bring to land survey to a new era, and VisionPlus will be there, on the first row, to assist in all its capacities. Geo-Plus has already started to plan having VisionPlus calculate millions of points all within reasonable laps of times. Geo-Plus, is Canada’s most reliable Land Surveying Software running on AutoCAD, MicroStation, PowerDraft, Civil3D and IntelliCAD. Geo-Plus keeps designing and developing software solutions for all land management professionals working in construction, including civil engineers.

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