Posted By Philip Reed on 5/18/2009 at 6:42 AM

I have a five figure $ road topo coming up. Presently I have downsized the company to a part-time solo operation using a reflectorless Topcon 2005.

Would it be worth my time to rent a Robot (if they rent them) or should I find a part-timer to help out?


1. What is the learning curve for a robot?
2. Will the survey supply company be able to give me an hour lesson that will allow me to effectively do the project or am I going to regret going the robot route with a rental unit.

Please note that I am a "short timer" and I don't care to invest in purchasing a robot. At the same time I loath the idea of running the gun and having a neophyte running the prism and taking the proper shots.

Thanks for any input.

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