Posted By Eugene Kooper on 7/12/2009 at 3:06 PM

Exactly what is a "quasi contest"? And why/when would it be the proper method to appeal a Departmental decision.

For example, I have a Departmental letter dated August 29, 1902 that is addressed to the U. S. Surveyor General in Colorado. The letter is in regard toThe Lucky Strike Gold Mining Company, Quasi Contest No. 2172, Involving the survey of the Only Chance and other lode claims.

BTW...for those curious about this "contest", it ruled that when there is a conflict between the record tie(s) to section corners and record tie(s) to nearby mineral survey corners, the tie to the section corner is SUPERIOR and must be held! This, of course, was during the period where the courses and distances in a patent were held over the found, original and undisturbed monuments on the ground as legally depicting which ground was ACTUALLY patented. ;-)


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