At the second annual Carlson Software user conference, attendees came from around the world to Lexington, Kentucky, April 5-7. During lunch on the first full day of the conference, attendees were treated to a presentation from Rob Campbell, president and CEO of Juniper Systems, which has partnered with Carlson to make the Carlson Surveyor handheld data collector. Campbell spoke of his firm’s adherence to the “law of the harvest,” and said that seeds must be planted now to reap the results in the future. “Now is the time to be planting seed for the future,” Campbell said. “This is an opportunity to invest in technology that will give you the edge for when the market comes back--and it will come back.”

The highlight of Campbell’s presentation was a video titled “Fun ways to void your warranty ... but keep your data.” You can view the video herein this exclusive report by Site Prep Editor Kimberly Jensen. The report also features an exclusive video interview with Bruce Carlson, president of Carlson Software.