Posted By Steven A. Gardner on 4/16/2009 at 6:48 PM

The issue of confidentiality between a surveyor and his client comes up here fairly often. I was perusing the CA BOR disciplinary actions, looking for something else and this one jumped out at me as an example of our state's viewpoint on the subject. I won't mention any names even though the case is of public record.

A surveyor was hired to survey a parcel for a private property owner. He did the survey and set the monuments. When he showed the client the mon.'s the client asked him to remove the mon.'s because he didn't want the neighbors to know where the lines were, which he did.

The Board revoked the surveyor's license, the revocation was stayed, he was put on 3 years probation, had to take 3 Board-approved college-level courses and pay the BOR $4,676. He was also ordered to reset the monuments he removed and file a corner record with the County.

The finding of the BOR was that the surveyor was guilty of "deceit or misrepresentation, and failure to file a corner record" as well as "negligence" which was related to another survey he had done.

What say ye?