Posted By Ridge Line on 7/26/2009 at 6:14 PM

My first time into a mountain subdivision done late 70's. They took a section and basically divided it using mostly 10 acre aliquot parts. There isn't an official plat recorded but it's a known subdivision by the county.

My client had already found some corners which we visit to get me started. All the corners were surveyed and marked by a rebar and aluminum cap with the lot numbers stamped onto. So there is no official plat or survey recorded but there was a survey done by the developer.

One of the corners visited is the east quarter corner of the Section (Section 1). Found the rebar/cap in good undisturbed condition. According to my aliquot description the corner should be the quarter corner. This corner is on a north slope, very steep.

So here is the zinger. About 6 feet north and 2 feet east of my rebar/cap is a nice mound of stone, fairly well buried on top, south and the west sides, but the north and east sides are clearly visible vertically for about 18 inches. By carefully cleaning the dirt off the top about 6 inches down I find a 1929 GLO brass cap clearly marked as the quarter corner. It's hard to believe they missed it!

So which marker is the corner of my lot? If I decide to use the 1929 GLO marker should I assume the whole subdivision is wrong and correct everything? My client owns three ten acre aliquot parts. I haven't yet searched for the remaining section monuments, but I will, what if a few more double corners show up? Apparently the lot owners are aware of and have been using and well maintaining the corner markers placed by the developer for 30 years.