PITTSBURGH. PA. - Geospatial Holdings, Inc. (OTC BB: GSPH) announced that its Smart Probe/DuctRunner Pipeline Mapping Technology was utilized to enable a unique installation via horizontal directional drilling (HDD) of several pipeline segments on Dubai's Palm Islands. The project was completed by Al Naboodah Specialist, LLC a part of the local Al Naboodah Group of Companies and supervised by Reduct NV, licensor of the DuctRunner technology.

The project included the installation of over 32,800 feet of 20-inch diameter HDPE pipeline. To install this pipeline under the ocean floor the design called for 17-degree entry and exit angles and 1,310 foot radius entry and exist curves. At the deepest point the bore would be 89 feet below the surface.

To enable the exact placement of these pipelines the first task was to sink a 6 inch steel pipe on the seabed and determine its exact x, y & z co-ordinates. To accomplish this, a Smart Probe/DuctRunner was run through the pipeline to create a 3-D map of the centerline of the pipe. With the exact centerline of the pipe in hand, a wire was run through the pipeline and returned back along the ocean floor to the point of beginning. This wire was then energized, and the signal tracked by a Paratrack horizontal directional drilling guidance unit to accurately guide the drilling of the pilot bores for the pipeline installation.

For an overview of the installation please go towww.geospatialcorporation.com/hdd/HDDSteeringApplication.ppt.

Additional information can be found in an article on the Trenchless Technology Magazine website: www.trenchlessonline.com/index/webapp-stories-action?id=746

Mark Smith, Geospatial's CEO stated, "While not involved directly with this very successful installation in Dubai, Geospatial is excited about utilizing its Smart Probe technology in this unique application. Horizontal Directional Drilling is the fastest growing method of installing pipelines throughout the world. By providing an economical and accurate method of guiding HDD installations along with the ability to accurately map the installed pipeline, our Smart Probe Technologies should be specified by every engineer and pipeline owner utilizing HDD methods."

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Geospatial operates globally as an innovative solutions provider of proprietary technologies that permit the accurate mapping and interior geometry assessments of underground pipelines and all types of above ground infrastructure. Geospatial's technologies permit the Company to economically collect, store and retrieve XYZ mapping coordinates of a pipeline centerline to create three-dimensional Geographic Information System (GIS) databases. Geospatial is the exclusive licensee of the DuctRunner Smart Probe Pipeline Mapping Technology throughout North America, South America and Australia.

Geospatial has also developed Geo-Underground, a Web-Based "Software as a Service" GIS Portal which allows municipalities and pipeline operators worldwide to manage their above and below ground infrastructure assets via the web without the need for expensive software, hardware or dedicated GIS technicians.

Additional information on Geospatial can be found on our website at

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