Posted By Muddy Waters on 5/5/2009 at 7:08 PM

I am having a problem creating pdfs from a dwg file.
Not all the linetypes are being reproduced in the pdf file prin.
such as gas lines, tel. lines which have embedded annotation. Everything looks dandi in model and layout
I can't get fencelines either to reproduce either. They just come out as continuous lines.
I never had this problem before.
I am using MScad 2009 (licensed)and printing using the easyPDF creator.

I have also sent the file save as pdf from MScad and that was a real mess.

I don't know where to trouble shoot next.

Is it the pdf creator or MScad or me.?

I have saved it as autocad file and opened it with Acad and the same thing occurs when I print to the pdf format.