The BAE Systems Award was given to JuWon Hwangbo for work entitled “Integration of Orbital and Ground Image Networks for Automation of Rover Localization.” (Co-authored by Kaicahng Di and Rongxing Li).

The purpose of this award is to reward top quality research and publications by young students (under age 35 as of the application deadline) at the master’s or doctoral level and to encourage researchers to use the ASPRS Annual Conference as a vehicle to publish and present their findings. The recipient’s paper will be published in Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing (PE&RS), the official journal of ASPRS.

This award was first offered in 2005 and consists of a certificate and a grant of $2,000. It was given during the 2009 Annual ASPRS Conference in Baltimore, Maryland in March.

Hwangbo’s paper deals with a new development towards automation of the rover localization process using orbital and ground images. Using a rigorous sensor model and bundle adjustment of HiRISE stereo imagery, high resolution orthophotos and DEMs can be generated as soon as the orbital stereo images are acquired. The proposed method has been tested for the Spirit rover traverse. Experimental results show that the orbital/ground rock matching approach has performed successfully for MER rover localization.

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