Certainty 3D LLC, Orlando FL, is emerging as a new business unit with an experienced management team. Ted Knaak, who has been president of Riegl USA for 17 years, has assumed the role of President and CEO of Certainty 3D. Certainty 3D’s mission will be the development, application and organization of the 3D imaging solutions to meet the technical and economic requirements of the civil market. An experienced team of engineers and application specialists will focus on software development, support, training and consulting services.

Certainty 3D’s principal software product is TopoDOT. TopoDOT is an advanced tool suite for processing of point cloud data and calibrated imagery directly in Bentley’s MicroStation CAD environment. Under development and field test for over three years, TopoDOT has emerged as an industry leading product for the extraction of geometry, features and general transportation corridor topography from point clouds and calibrated imagery. Productivity of TopoDOT workflows and processes achieve new levels of return on investment in 3D imaging systems. Well defined and documented field to finish workflows contribute to a decrease in field time of up to 80% over traditional survey methods. Post processing efficiency of TopoDOT accelerates project schedules, reduce costs and offer deliverables exceeding current standards.

About Certainty 3D
Certainty 3D is a Florida corporation which holds the IP of several software products and develops, markets and supports software utilizing 3D image information. Sales, training support and consulting are delivered from its headquarters in Orlando Florida.

Certainty 3D software products provide solutions for Civil Infrastructure, terrestrial and airborne survey, geo-spatial monitoring, plant and construction projects.