Posted By Steven A. Gardner on 4/23/2009 at 7:01 PM

Just another variation on a common theme. Lady calls from a very high-end area of town. She wants to replace her fence, but she wants to make sure she puts it in the right place (don't listen, RS). We look up the subdivision map. I've been in the neighborhood before and also have a couple of unrecorded plats by others done in the 70's that show the pipes in place at the CL intx's & BC's. Call her back and quote the basic minimum charge for a lot survey and corner record filing.

She's very surprised at the price and says "No, you don't have to survey it, you're just answering a question 'Where is the property line?'" OK, well you've got my number, give us a call if you want that done.

I didn't talk to her but I would have been tempted to ask her what she would think I would do differently if I did survey it.