Posted By Richard Abbott on 4/12/2009 at 8:26 PM

How many surveyors and crew have had the experience to actually survey out of motel accommodation range?

Being first into a wilderness or desert area preceding development?

As a young graduate surveyor I spent 6 weeks in desert of Northern SOZ and Queensland in million star accommodation.

With no refrigeration, canned food and 44 gallon drums of fuel and water on the trailer. Fresh meat that lasted two days in 10 F plus heat air dropped.

We had luxury of a five hour drive one night along a single wheel track to a oil drill hole camp to pick up some meat and beer ..... Only time to drink beer was in morning ..The wind chill in the desert at night going down to near freezing point allowed one to get a cool beer for breakfast . ....

You would awaken in the morning and in the dust next to the camp stretcher (as we did not erect tents as no rain) and see paw prints of dingos (wild dogs size of Labradors) that came in and sniff us and try and steal any unsecured secured food.

Have to say we had a small appreciation of pioneering explorers, albeit we had 2 4WD we still walked where no white man had ever walked.

On another occasion in Marion country around 1972, 50 miles away away from the nearest township. (Population approx 20 ) we stumbled upon a freshly adzed cut in a bent branch where the wood had been removed for a boomerang by an indigenous aborigine still living in the wild!

Just a couple of reminisces on OZ out back surveying ...