Old Town, Maine- National GIS firm James W. Sewall Company is pleased to announce that GIS Analyst and Consultant John Storelli has joined the firm’s Elmira, New York, office to develop and support geospatial solutions for Sewall’s clients throughout the State. Sewall’s New York staff specializes in applying advanced GIS technologies to improve county and municipal services while reducing operating expenses.

With eight years’ experience in the GIS industry, Mr. Storelli brings to his position an integrated understanding of GIS project management, spatial analysis and geodatabase design, and application development. As Mid-Atlantic GIS Staff Scientist for the Appalachian Mountain Club, he provided quantitative and qualitative analysis of developmental land use change, National Land Cover Dataset accuracy assessment, and GIS technical support and training. As GIS Project Leader at Information Management Systems in Jackson, Mississippi, he managed GIS projects; researched and developed geospatial tools, data models, and processing techniques; designed geodatabases; and performed a wide range of geospatial analysis. As GIS/Remote Sensing Technician at the southern regional office of Ducks Unlimited, he conducted image analysis and feature extraction on projects using aerial photography and satellite imagery and was responsible for building the initial Gulf Coast Joint Venture GIS using ESRI ArcGIS.

Mr. Storelli has an MS in Geosciences from Mississippi State University and a BS in Geography from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, and expertise in the ESRI Arc family of software tools, including ArcGIS. He also has extensive training, presentation and grant writing experience.

"John will be a great addition to our Elmira office," said Sewall Production Manager, Geospatial Solutions, Aaron Weston. "He will be joining a team that currently maintains a significant amount of all the tax parcel information in New York State. Our county and municipal clients will enjoy working with John to unlock the power of their information, provide shared services across local government and develop economically, within the strict constraints of today’s budgets."

A year ago, Sewall formed the Geospatial Solutions operating group to leverage broad capabilities in GIS data production and analysis, systems engineering and integration, product development and technical project management for the benefit of clients in government and industry. Since the acquisition of Weiler Mapping in 2003, Sewall has built an extensive presence in New York State, maintaining tax maps and databases for county and local governments. Sewall is currently leveraging this expertise and access to important GIS data to assist local officials in the State in the development of shared services and advanced public administration capabilities.

Founded in 1880, Sewall is an integrated team of geospatial, engineering and natural resource consultants who partner with clients to create practical, sustainable solutions. The company’s diverse portfolio is based on 100 years' experience in surveying and civil engineering; 60 years' in aerial mapping; and 20 years' in GIS and software application development. Sewall has 11 offices in cities nationwide, including Elmira, New York. To obtain more information, please visit www.sewall.com