The Beta Version of Performance Planning System (PPS) is now available. PPS is the first software driven system that empowers the neighborhood planner to design full color beautiful neighborhood plans that can hasten approvals, with green (sustainability) data analysis and engineering accuracy. PPS includes a comprehensive course in advanced neighborhood design that reduce environmental impact and construction costs.

Requests for sustainable development design are increasing daily. PPS was developed to offer a simple process to create highly accurate green land development design. The software eliminates complex menus as the user interface automates tasks. PPS combines the GIS power of shapes (parcels) with coordinate geometry, to simultaneously compute areas while compiling color renderings. PPS is written in JAVA, to run on both MAC and PC platforms. The beta version is offered in PC platform only.

While other site design packages only compute data for subdivision design, PPS’s sustainable design technology interprets data according to each element’s environmental impact. PPS is the first site design system that can automatically calculate impervious surface ratios with no extra end user effort.

PPS has the ability to embed accurate geometry of room configurations & room uses, and orient these with the overall site design. It is either very difficult, or not possible, to incorporate how the floor plan, room functions, wall and window locations relate to the open spaces and view vistas, with other software.

PPS is designed by Rick Harrison, the inventor of land planning methods Coving, BayHomes, CND, the software CDIS technology. He is also the author of Prefurbia.