Rodney Rockette
St. Louis, Mo.

To the editor: The public in South Jones County, along Shiloh Church Road, between Albert McCullum Road and the South Miss. Electric Power Association transmission lines, and the surrounding areas, should be highly aware of an intricately contrived-property-taking scheme, that finds its origin in 1984, engineering by Plum Creek Timberlands, an international corporation, Collin’s and Null Appraisal Group, Inc. of Hattiesburg and others, that is now coming into fruition. And, my family has become victim of this land fraud that has evolved out of “land survey aerial mapping,” which timber companies manipulate and exploit at the expense of small farms and poor land owners.

For over forty years, people living on and about Shiloh Church Road have been familiar with, and, come to know “The Rockette Farm.” My father, Jeff Rockette, was the trade and industrial teacher and assistant principal at Oak Park High School in Laurel. In 1968, he purchased the house and farm located on Shiloh Church Road, Route 3, Ellisville. For many years, we farmed the entire place with crops and animals. We dug the pond on the back side of the farm for fishing and watering the animals. And, for years, we used the old house as our summer home when school was out. Remnants of the old house yet stand. My youngest brother’s old trailer still stands in front of the old house. The entire frontage, along Shiloh Church Road, is fenced in with field wire, topped with barbed wire. The farm consists of 35 acres, more or less, with a 10-acre, more or less, frontage along Shiloh Church Road.

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