Posted By Nate Dearyan on 6/16/2009 at 6:08 PM

40 acres. it is class xx property, out in the country. Surveyed properly, and it is the SE1/4-NW1/4, of Sct. 15. The year is 1962.

The accuracy is 1:5000. This means that somebody traversed the perimeter of the section, and then ran control to the interior of the section, and set all 4 corners of the 40. Surveyor was noted for good work.
Then, after setting these corners, they came off the same control, and subdivided the 40 into 4 pcs.

Then, the surveyor gave up surveying, and sold the business to his nephew.
Nephew has all the data, field books, and control.

Fast foreward to 1987. Walmart buys the east 2 10 ac pcs. Then, they hire a surveyor, who procedes to traverse with 1:30,000 accuracy. Total station and all. He begins discovering that there are a number of pins along the perimeter, that wander in and out of the straight line between the outside perimeter corners. Varius subdivisions, and lots of of occpation.

Buldozer comes along, and destroy's alot of the pins.

Now, Walmart and engineers want to set the perimeter bdy in STRAIGHT LINES. NEPHEW, wants to put all the pins back where they were, with certian slop and all.

Where SHOULD the pins be put?

(I think the answer is pretty accademic, but what say you?)