Posted By Mister Surveyor on 3/8/2009 at 12:43 AM thence North 50 degrees 34 minutes 22 seconds West, a distance of 50.00 feet to a point....

6 pages of this nonsense tonight, sigh.

Yes, I know the's so that Joe Landowner doesn't confuse minutes and feet, or seconds and inches, etc.

First, it's a PIA to plot, especially when the bearing ends up on 2 lines.

Second, if Joe Landowner would be confused by standard bearing notation, he's sure not going to know what to do with the bearing anyway.

Third, I ain't running nowhere.

Fourth, how come whenever "to a point" is used, I usually never find these mysterious "points" actually in the ground?

Please, "N.50°34'22"W., 50.00 feet" works just fine. We're usually the only ones who read these things anyway. If you must write a novel, spell out North, South, East, West, if that makes you feel better, but come on with the "run", "degrees...minutes...", "to a point", etc. It's just a waste of time and paper.