Posted By John Francis on 3/15/2009 at 12:24 PM

On Friday, I set some pins. One pin was in the woods and I used the HiperLites to set it.

Waiting for "fixes", I set the rod at a 12 feet height and eventualy got fixed a location of 0.55'(northeast), moved the rod to the approximate location, lost the fix and upon a new "fix", was 0.35'southwest and similarly a later fix showing 0.27' west.

I set the pin with the idea I might have to move it.

Then I set the rod back on the new pin, set the unit to collect static data and waited for a "fix". The next two "fixes", each indicated that I needed to move the rod about 9.25 feet northeast . . . ^%$$%#$^&%(.

After about 30 minutes of static collection, I left and hoped for the best.

The postprocessing indicated that the pin was within 2-hundreths of the correct position. SO, now I actually have 4 readings putting me within a small fraction of the correct position and feel confident of the final position.

The "fixed" reading of being off 9.25' was kinda a shocker and will serve as a warning to me that an errant "fix" could be off this far. I had always "assumed" that an errant "fix", would likely still be within a few feet or so.