Posted By Nate Dearyan on 3/15/2009 at 2:19 PM

So, ONE landowner owns the WHOLE Section. Tax records say 640 acres.

REMEMBER, it is the LANDOWNER that is doing this dividing. The surveyor is HIS tool.

They hire Mr. County Surveyor, to divide it into 40's.

They set all the interior 40 corners. They work off the EAST line, which is a COUNTY line. In fact, it is SECTION 36.

And, 1320 it all together.

in some sort of random pattern.

Along comes mr DEED STAKER. And, he RESETS all the interior 40 corners. 25 yrs AFTER the FIRST surveyor set them. Surveyor 2 REJECTS all the previous surveyors work.

Who is right?