An engineering firm uses LiDAR to deliver bad news to Jekyll Island State Park officials.

By CAROLE HAWKINS, Times-Union correspondent
JEKYLL ISLAND, Ga. - The amount of developable land remaining on Jekyll Island is less than park officials had thought, but enough to build current hotel projects, according to an engineering survey.
By state statute, 65 percent of Jekyll Island State Park must remain undeveloped. Plans to revitalize the park's aging hotels and amenities might one day expand into undeveloped areas, so it matters how much more could be used.
Bill Foster, project manager for Thomas & Hutton Engineering, told Jekyll's governing authority Wednesday it has about 55 acres left to work with before the 35 percent mark will be reached.
The authority had believed about 108 acres remained and had used that figure two years ago when it accepted developer bids for a town square center project and future development partner.