Portland, Ore. - WeoGeo, known for its geodata all-in-one storage Library Appliance server and internet-based WeoGeo Market service, released a subscription-based geodata storage, retrieval, and customization service for professionals in the engineering, architecture, and geographic analysis fields. This offering will make it easier than ever before for organizations to manage, access, and deliver their spatial data and for costs significantly lower than entities spend today.

Based on the successful Library Appliance, the new WeoGeo Library internet-based service gives customers a viable geo-content management solution: where local data hosting has otherwise been technically challenging, ineffective, or costly. The service provides a geo-centric file repository, browser-based search and retrieve functionality, and various data-manipulation capabilities. All these computing functions are supplied in a scalable, cloud-computing environment where a customer’s IT load is greatly reduced, reliability and access are vastly increased, and high performance, instant scalability is enabled. It simply allows users to better organize and quickly access their data.

Library provides users a quick upload of their maps, surveys, building plans, reconnaissance photos, utility plans, exploration analyses, and more, into a private internet-based storehouse. Once loaded, authorized organization-wide access to the data is available via an easy-to-use, geo-centric web application. Users can rapidly search and discover files based on their location, or other key parameters. Files can then be instantly retrieved or customized in Library, allowing a download of just what is needed. Library saves the organization from expensive, hard-to-use in-house systems. Alternatively, it offers a solution in situations where there is no current organized content storage. In today’s economic climate, saving money on critical functions is paramount. Library allows customers to avoid maintaining or adding in-house hardware, software, and staff for these content management functions.

Library is available in a number of affordable monthly levels, giving the customer the choice of selecting their subscription based on the desired data volume and users. A free evaluation period is included. WeoGeo has an existing Market service where buyers have an easy-to-execute shopping experience for seller-posted professional geo-content. All Library Service customers automatically have the ability to post their content on Market for free, opening up a global exchange opportunity to other professionals seeking mapping and CAD data, and giving the Library customer a new revenue generating capability. In cases where customers already sell geodata, content posted to Market via a Library account can save time and money over the typical laborious and costly search, copy, and mail approach to vending.

“This is another example of our commitment to providing leading-edge solutions that enable the mapping industry to access data no matter how it’s structured or where it’s located,” says Paul Bissett, President of WeoGeo. “By moving our Library Appliance into a scalable, flexible internet-based service, we will enable more organizations to take advantage of the cloud’s infrastructure to distribute usable data to those who need it.”

To learn more about this announcement and see Library in action, visit WeoGeo’s booth #814 at ASPRS in Baltimore, Maryland, March 11-13. You can also learn more by visitingwww.WeoGeo.com