Old Town, Maine -  James W. Sewall Company and Winrock International are pleased to announce a teaming agreement to provide carbon mitigation solutions to forestland owners and investors. As the role of forests in sequestering carbon gains global attention, landowners and investors have growing opportunities to realize financial returns from forestland assets by monetizing carbon values through the trade of emission credits. Carbon monetization also encourages sustainable forest management practices, improves the health of forest ecosystems, and reduces greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, building the green profile of an organization.

The Winrock-Sewall team brings together two leaders in the forestry, natural resource, and ecosystem services industries to meet clients’ investment needs. Their joint services include: carbon project consulting, aerial imaging and GIS covertype mapping; forestland modeling, appraisal and inventory; carbon baseline and leakage analysis; growth and yield modeling; sequestration monitoring and verification; project reporting and registration; and direct or offset aggregator trading.

According to Dr. Bret Vicary, Sewall’s Vice President of Forestry & Natural Resource Consulting, “Sewall’s forest investment clients are looking for ways to monetize ecosystem services, so this is a natural for us. Our partnership with Winrock enables us to tap into their extremely deep experience in this emerging market.”

Gary Kaster, Winrock’s Director of Forestry Advisor Services, remarked, “We anticipate a demand for ‘high quality’ standards among market participants as governmental policies develop. Sewall’s ability to ensure quality inputs, coupled with our experience in high quality forestry offsets, make a great team for facilitating investment in the environment.”

Winrock International, a pioneer in the carbon market, has set the standard globally for carbon measurement and monitoring and deforestation modeling, assisting clients in 65 countries worldwide. The company has implemented over 125 forest carbon projects in the US and abroad, meeting the needs of national government agencies, state governments, private industry, and national organizations.

Sewall, the oldest forestry firm in the US, has 128 years’ experience in forestland modeling, appraisal, inventory and mapping in North America and offshore. Sewall has appraised over 100 million acres of land and provided independent third-party due diligence in many major transactions, including the largest private timberland sale in US history. Recent experience includes quantifying carbon values in both planted and natural forests.

For information on Winrock-Sewall solutions for carbon offset projects, please visit www.winrock.org or www.sewall.com.