A land surveyor tells where he was the moment the new president was sworn in. 

The Des Moines Register • January 20, 2009
Iowans celebrated the inauguration of President Barack Obama today with ball gowns, beers and hot dogs.
At the Yes We Can … Party at the Des Moines Club, outfits ranged from jeans to full-length gowns. The food was a similar mix- partygoers chose from Chicago pizza and hot dogs or roast pig and antipasta platters.

Colleen Heatherton, 56, of Indianola and Kathy Tumpek, 51, of Indianola filled plates and sat in front of a video screen showing highlights of Barack Obama’s Iowa appearances.
The two women, casually dressed, admitted they’re not usually the inaugural ball types but felt they owed it to themselves to make tonight a night out.
“Ohhh we suffered horribly for eight years,” Tumpek, a history professor at Grand View University. “I didn’t believe he could win. It’s a better country than I thought.”
“It was truly a moment for celebration,” said Heatherton, the events coordinator for La Vida Loca winery .