Posted By wayne griffin on 3/12/2009 at 4:15 PM

The thread below about recordation of surveys brought up the point of tagging your monuments with your LS number. It's probably been brought up before, so sorry if it has.

I guess being born in a bubble makes me naive on the tagging corner concept. As they saying goes .... don't assume anything, which I pretty much had.

I have 5/8" rebar plastic caps for normal use. We've all seen them.

Also 1 1/2" aluminum caps (for 5/8" rebar) that I stamp. These are for c/l monuments in concrete collar.

2" brass washers already stamped I use for big PK's or tricky places

1/2" brass washers already stamped I use in rock drill holes with small PK or cut nail. Never a problem. Also use for tagging older found monuments I accept that have no tag. I just attach it with twisted wire around it.

I don't think tagging is a PLSS vs M&B issue, as much as it is about the level of professionalism we take with our surveys.

I am also curious about the statute of limitations in non-tagging states, and how they prove anything?