MAYSVILLE, Ky., U.S.A.  – Over the past six months, Carlson Software's Grade Supervisor has been well received by the construction community thanks to being both affordable and easy-to-use. Recent improvements to this software for day-to-day surface and grade management tasks have made Grade Supervisor even more user-friendly and effective.  

Designed for both man and machine, Grade Supervisor works either on the pole or in a vehicle, moving seamlessly from man rover (GPS pole) to monitor rover (pickup/ATV). The software is Windows XP/Vista compatible and supports most all GPS/GNSS receivers, including Topcon, Magellan, Altus and Javad.  

"Traditional methods for supervising a work site have proved to be inaccurate, slow, and labor intensive," says Randy Noland, a vice president of the Positioning and Machine Control Division. "Carlson's improved Grade Supervisor provides all the tools needed for complete grade management without the complexity as it allows grade contractors to know their grade instantly. For bid verification, they'll always know the accurate starting surface volumes with Grade Supervisor before moving any dirt."  

In addition to providing direct import of DWG files, DXF files, and machine control files, including tn3, gc3, and ln3, Grade Supervisor now offers 3D View and PDF Volumes Reports. It also provides Bluetooth support and offers a New Slope interface.  

"Supervisors can get daily, weekly, or anytime volumes, track real-time cut/fill, plus both collect and stake points," adds Noland. "Users have found that productivity and profitability increase as their accuracy is improved with the help of this software."  

More information about the entire Carlson Grade line and an online option to request a demo CD can be found