Satellite image by GeoEye.

It’s true - the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama in Washington DC was visible from space as the GeoEye-1 satellite image clearly illustrates.

“We are excited to share some of the GeoEye-1 satellite images, which are only several hours old as this story is being released” said Dr Gail Kelly of AAMHatch, the Authorised GeoEye reseller for Oceania.

The featured GeoEye-1 image was captured and processed today and made available for public viewing within hours of the satellite being overhead. This demonstrates the impressive resolution of GeoEye-1 imagery, as well as the possible timelines for data delivery. 

GeoEye-1 is the world's highest resolution, commercial Earth-imaging satellite, providing clients outside of the USA with 50cm colour imagery over Earth as it passes over at a speed of seven kilometres a second.

The GeoEye-1 satellite, launched in September 2008, has almost completed the testing and calibration associated with its commissioning. The satellite is expected to begin imagery acquisitions for commercial purposes in the weeks ahead.

Brian Nicholls, AAMHatch General Manager, said, “AAMHatch is thrilled to bring near-live images captured by our partners, GeoEye, to the spatial community and the general public. Not only is a new president ushering in exciting times for world politics, the GeoEye-1 satellite is ushering in exciting times for world imaging needs”.

To view the full, interactive and zoom-able image of the presidential inauguration,  Click here.