Eagle Point is pleased to announce that Carlson Desktop Solutions has partnered with Eagle Point Software Corporation to provide Eagle Point’s Pinnacle Series to its clients to help them implement their office procedures and programs.

The Pinnacle Series includes defined workflows for common, everyday surveying, engineering and design tasks that team members can use immediately by using the on-screen instructions and shortcuts to commands needed to complete their daily tasks.

"The primary focus at CDS is to find opportunities to simplify or improve the way our clients work. By adding the Pinnacle Series from Eagle Point, we can successfully help a client implement a procedure to move data from one program to another. We see this product line as an innovation that will help us not only implement proper procedures for companies but help save time and reduce errors and omissions," explains Paul Carlson, President of Carlson Desktop Solutions.

With companies today using various procedures and products to move projects from concept to completion, keeping up with all of the processes and communicating the progress is often difficult. CDS can use their expertise to help a client develop procedures for their company and then use tools from the Pinnacle Series to help them document and implement those procedures.

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About Eagle Point Software Corporation
For over 25 years, Eagle Point has provided technology solutions and services to the AEC and Geospatial markets. They use a defined process to explore client businesses and provide them with the right balance of solutions to help their organizations thrive. They’ve helped over 30,000 clients worldwide. For more information, please visit

About Carlson Desktop Solutions
CDS was founded in 2007 as a true Value Added Reseller focused on the needs of Surveyors, Engineers, Law Enforcement and Construction professionals throughout the country. By providing solutions to their clients and not simply products, they are able to bring true value to them and help them solve problems. For more information about CDS, visit
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