The General Services Administration (GSA), Public Buildings Service (PBS) is issuing a public announcement to interested firms who are qualified to participate in a nationwide contract for Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services. Interested firms should submit their specialized experience in the fields of Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, NAICS 541990 (Other Related Technical Services).

Background: In July 2003, the General Services Administration (GSA), Public Buildings Service (PBS), Office of the Chief Architect and Construction Programs (OCA-CP) established the National 3D-4D-BIM Program. To date, OCA-CP has initiated over 70+ capital projects across the nation using an array of 3D, 4D, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies in support of GSA business needs. BIM visualization, coordination, simulation, and optimization from three-dimensional (3D), four-dimensional (4D), and BIM computer technologies serve GSA in meeting customer design, construction, and program requirements. GSA is committed to a strategic and incremental implementation of 3D, 4D, BIM technologies (

Description of Services: Professional BIM services will be rendered on an as-required basis for GSA offices nationwide, in whole or part, design and/or construction programs. BIM services may be required at any time during a project/properties development and delivery, including: planning, design, construction, operations, facility management and/or disposal. Services shall be performed for many project types, including: new construction, renovations, and modernizations (See Draft Statement of Work).

Locations: The firms must be able to provide BIM services for the GSA Central Office and Regional Offices nationwide. The GSA Regions are (1) New England, Boston, MA; (2) Northeast & Caribbean, New York, NY; (3) Mid Atlantic, Philadelphia, PA; (4) Southeast-Sunbelt, Atlanta, GA; (5) Great Lakes, Chicago, IL; (6) The Heartland, Kansas City, MO; (7) Greater Southwest, Fort Worth, TX; (8) Rocky Mountain, Denver, CO; (9) Pacific Rim, San Francisco, CA; (10) Northwest/Arctic, Auburn, WA; (11) National Capital, Washington, DC.

Period of Performance: The contract period of performance will be for a base year, with 4 one-year options; a total expected contract duration of 5 years.

Response Packages: THIS IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. The response package must consist of five separate tabs: TAB I: Cover letter; TAB II: Narrative; TAB III: Company Recommendations; TAB IV: Company Profile; TAB V: List of local and nationwide offices within the United States (US); and TAB VI: Company Specialized Experience. The tabs must include the following:

TAB I (Cover Letter): The cover letter must be on letterhead and include: 1) GSA reference number and title of the project; 2) An introduction of your company; 3) Company size; 4) Business establishment date; and 5) Point of Contact including name, title, address, telephone number, fax number and email address.

TAB II (Narrative): A written narrative of the company's previous experience with and methodology to provide nationwide services for Building Information Modeling (include number of years performing BIM Services).

TAB III (Company Recommendations): The Company may provide recommendations to the attached Draft Statement of Work based on previous experience. Recommendation should relate to: 1) Recommended NAICS codes; 2) Labor Categories; and 3) New methodologies currently being used in the Industry; and 4) Other comments related to the SOW.

TAB IV (Company Profile): The company profile shall include: 1) Size Standard; 2) If Small Business, type and certifications; 2) All company NAICS codes; 3) Average annual gross revenues for the past three years; and 4) Number of employees.

TAB V (List of Company and Subsidiary Offices): The list of company and subsidiary offices must include the name of the operating firm (prime or subsidiary firm), city, state, and zip code.

TAB VI (Company Specialized Experience): The format is as follows: 1) Name and Address of Agency/Firm; 2) Type of Service Provided (BIM Related Services only, please); 3) Title of Project; 4) Period of Performance; 5) Indicate if your company was the prime contractor or the subcontractor; and 6) Provide in detail the services provided under the project.

All packages must be submitted on or before 12:00 p.m., February 19, 2009, to Ms. Paris N. Marshall, 18th and F Street, NW, Room 4302, Washington, DC 20405. Email packages are preferred. Faxes are not acceptable. This is not a solicitation for proposals and is for informational purposes only. Proposals are not requested at this time and will not be considered. For more information, please contact Ms. Paris N. Marshall by email atparis.marshall@gsa.  (No telephone inquiries please.)