Posted By Rogell Hunsucker on 5/1/2009 at 11:12 AM

We tested our new carbon fiber rod using 2 tests. Bubble was centered in a wall jig . Rod was then rotated in a circle in jig and found to be not concentric almost 0.02 ft. Calibrated steel tape was used indoors to measure marks on flood at 70 deg f. Bergstrand Geodimeter meas and found up to 0.03 in this rod rotation. Returned rod to exchange. Supplier found all of stock to be defective.

This rod will cause major problems in a radial positioning for exact building placements. Advise everyone to examine theirs. We reverted to baseline and perpo procedure for our construction layout . Dont use an extended rod and expect not to bust a traverse. Anyone had problems? Manufacturer has been alerted.