Posted By 6th pm on 1/25/2009 at 1:50 PM

Quality, Price & Service

In order to operate any successful business, you only have price, quality and service to offer. It must be understood that in order to profit & succeed, you offer these elements to the client, but you must keep one of them for yourself (the client gets two of them). Otherwise you will run a non-profitable endeavor.

Client gets Good Price & Good Service = You turn out poor quality
Clients get Good Price & Good Quality = You turn out poor service
Client gets Good Service & Good Quality = You get Good Price

It is impossible to give the client ALL three; The client can not get Fast service, high quality and low price. That scenario is a business disaster, just waiting to implode.

If you keep Quality, your service suffers
If you keep Service, your quality suffers
If you keep Price, you turn out quality work & a quality service

There is no way you can give good quality, excellent service at a low price. The low price dictates the amount of service and quality – they will ultimately suffer, because short cuts & stress will lead to a poor business model and will ultimately lead to little or no money, potential lawsuits, possibly a poor reputation and likely issues with your state board.

It is amazing to me that someone will work hard for 8 to 10 to become eligible to take the LS Exam, only to obtain it, then prostitute themselves for a fee that is less than the average trades earn.

Take a quick sample of those business’s in your area by searching, it is amazing to me how many companies out there show company revenues that are extremely low. For example; I have counted 6 companies in the area we operate that indicate 2 employees and gross company revenues of $60,000. And you can bet that in many of these cases, there are owners who work more than a 40 hour week with no vacations. So tell me – after expenses and paying the other employee, how much money is this Professional Land Surveyor Earning? Obviously, price is not the component he is keeping for himself.