has just reached the milestone of incorporating over 1 million square kilometers of high-resolution LiDAR data.

El Segundo, CA – (, the leading online warehouse of 3D data, has just reached the milestone of incorporating over 1 million square kilometers of high-resolution LiDAR data. was created as a service of Lidarxchange ( to offer a vast repository of off-the-shelf 3D data to vertical markets and industries that rely on the most accurate, cost-effective mapping information available. Pre-flown data offers quality at a better price, as opposed to the full costs of new data collection.’s geodatabase includes data from a wide variety of entities, including USGS, NOAA, various state GIS agencies, and private entities. LiDARXCHANGE is continually working to enhance the data warehouse by collecting repositories from other providers.

The website serves as a one-stop data shop, making the once cumbersome process of finding and ordering data online easy, thus saving consumers time and money. Eventually, consumers will be able to search data for flight dates, resolutions, and accuracy, as well as full QA/QC reports.

“We’re pleased to have reached this important milestone,” said Bryant Bertrand, Director of LiDARXCHANGE. “We’ve worked hard at building the largest data warehouse in order to provide customers the most cost-efficient option possible when looking for 3D data.”

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The LiDARXCHANGE Consortium is an exclusive network of mapping providers, owners, and operators of multi-million dollar mapping assets who recognize the value in tracking the location and productivity of their sensors, aircraft, and related resources. The web-based XCHANGE has been constructed to bring superior value to firms who purchase capacity and/or projects from the XCHANGE. Each participant enjoys the geographic reach, experience, and expertise of a massive collection of LiDAR capacity; dozens of LiDAR sensors and pre-configured aircraft, and hundreds of operators, data analysts, and project managers, all experienced in LiDAR. LiDARXCHANGE empowers participating LiDAR players to shed their excess capacity whenever and wherever it exists, resulting in increased utilization, revenues, and profits.