Salt Lake City, Utah. -- InteliSum Inc. (ISI) releases its latest LD3 Studio Software Suite, LD3 Studio 4.4, to eager Oil and Gas and AEC industries.

The new LD3 Studio features two significant upgrades from the previous release. The first, called the InteliLink, allows users to essentially bypass the registering of scans. Instead, the software uses selected targets in the scene and automatically registers them.

“The InteliLink gives the LiDAR scanner the ability to create quick registrations without worrying about target names and matching survey numbers.” says Joel Hansen, ISI Project Manager. “This will speed up the capture process by not naming targets and eliminating mistakes associated with naming. The new registration tool automatically finds the correct targets and registers them to both survey and duplicate targets.”

The other new feature is a plug-in called LD3 Builder. Users of LD3 Builder isolate and model pipe runs inside the real world environment to increase speed, accuracy, and visually validate the models against the environment.

“The ability to model against the real world environment is the key.” Algarin explains. “This ease of modeling combined with ability to visually validate models against the real world is not available anywhere else.”

LD3Viewer 4.4, ISI’s free software offering, lets users navigate real world 3-D environments and is available as a free download LD3 Studio 4.4 is available for sale by calling (888) 780-2911.