Posted By JB Stahl on 2/10/2009 at 4:46 PM

Got in late last night to find big boxes on the front porch. Inside were Heidi, Bubba, and Ms.Wilson just dying to be released. Frigg'n balls were bouncing off the walls! Amazing that they all made it to Salt Lake at the same time.

Of course, they couldn't wait to see the guest list for the upcoming party! They were thrilled to see so many familiar names on the guest list. Many of them have been personal hosts of one ball or another and have left their marks on their backsides.

Heidi, bubba & wilson arrive in slc

They all helped with suggestions as I finished up the invitation announcement. The invitations were sent via email to everyone who's RSVP'd. If you haven't sent me an RSVP, you're not on the guest list yet. If you aren't on it and want to be, just email an RSVP to me at the email address in my profile and include "RSVP" in the subject line. Don't procrastinate any longer! RSVP now! Micro-Cosmic Kickoff Event!!
Thursday Night, Feb. 19th

The trio are already coming up with ideas to liven up the party!


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