Indianapolis, Ind. -  The Schneider Corporation and Pictometry International Corp., leaders in the GIS and oblique aerial photography industry, announced that they will be holding a series of free informational seminars throughout Missouri in the coming months titled:

GIS and oblique PhotographY - Session 101

In many cases GIS is thought of as a formidable undertaking that is very difficult or expensive.  Our goal for this seminar series is to educate how GIS can make county and municipal jobs easier and more efficient saving time and money.

Many real world examples of GIS and its uses will be presented in understandable terms.  Topics like building support for GIS, funding, parcel conversion, CAMA Integration, GPS (global positioning system), surveying, aerial and oblique photography, the Internet and example communities are all features of a GIS and that will be examined at the seminars. 

Attendees will learn how all of these elements come together to form an integrated and operational GIS.

“We have teamed together to provide public officials with valuable information on what to expect when building a GIS”
-  Jeff Corns, Vice President of GIS, The Schneider Corporation

  • GIS 101 – an introduction to terms and concepts
  • Fundamentals of GIS parcel conversion
    • Introducing Data Conversion
    • What is Ground Control and why do we need it?
  • Digital and Oblique Aerial Photography in Plain English
    • What is oblique imagery and how to maximize using it? 
  • Conversion Methods
    • Scanning, Rubbersheeting, Heads-up Digitizing
    • Coordinate Geometry (COGO)
    • Building Topology
  • We Have Parcels, Now What?
    • Maintenance
    • Agricultural Land Reassessment
    • Linking to Your Existing County Tax Roll
    • Public Access
  • Questions and Discussion

“If you want to learn how other communities have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars this series shares the answers and provides real world examples of those return on investments”
- Craig Witmer, Vice President, of Pictometry’s Central Region

These half-day sessions (9 am - 12 pm), are scheduled for the following dates and locations:

PLEASE RSVP to stay informed of any changes

December 16th   - Carthage, MO
Annex 1 is 105 Lincoln Street, Carthage MO.

December 17th - Sedalia, MO
Celebration Center is 1701 West 32nd Street, Sedalia MO 65301  

December 18th - Bowling Green, MO
Bowling Green Community Center, 201 West Locust Street, Bowling Green MO 63334

To register for this\seminarsor to request more information, please contact Andrew Harrison, ataharrison@schneidercorpor call 866.973.7393

Successfully implementing and maintaining a GIS requires education, consensus, and commitment. Not only will we be giving attendees valuable technical information, but we will also be giving them advice on how to gain consensus for their project.  

Featured speakers at these events will be Andrew Harrison of The Schneider Corporation, and Howard McGee, of Pictometry.

These sessions will inform participants on the many uses of GIS in governmental agencies and how other communities have used GIS to save time, money and lives.