Norcross, The new Leica XPro line sensor workflow software is straightforward to implement and easy to use for those familiar with traditional analog frame processing. Ground processing with Leica XPro covers the entire line sensor workflow - from data download to image generation.

This product has been developed jointly by Leica Geosystems and North West Geomatics Ltd., Calgary (Canada), to further enhance the workflow for digital line sensors, such as the Leica ADS80. The software provides the most complete and advanced ground processing workflow from data download to image generation. Existing Leica ADS40 customers will be able to easily migrate their production environment to the new workflow.

Data download and quality control

“Quality control tools can indicate a successful data capture mission at the earliest stage of processing. The Downloader module gives a mass memory captured data overview and performs data extraction or data replication. The viewer enables quick checking of downloaded images for undesired occurrences such as cloud coverage.” Says George Southard, Vice President Americas, Digital Imaging Image georeferencing and aerial triangulation

Direct georeferencing from the Leica IPAS Inertial Position & Attitude System is used and further improved by a simplified “black box” level aerial triangulation. Where necessary, newly designed area-based analysis tools and automatic interaction using point matching with targeting image point measurements will improve triangulation accuracy. The aerial triangulation from Leica XPro is based on the well-known and proven ORIMA adjustment.

Fast generation of deliverables

Leica XPro 4.0 is designed to deliver stereo-viewable images or high-resolution orthophotos with extreme speed and minimal user interaction. The Radiometric Image Chain implemented throughout the Leica XPro workflow leads to perfect image radiometry. Generated products are ready for further handling by a wide range of digital photogrammetry software packages.

Leica XPro 4.0 is now available and has been delivered to first customers. For further information please go

The simplified aerial triangulation with area-based analysis ensures perfect image orientation.