Posted By Shelby H. Griggs, PLS on 12/16/2008 at 2:01 PM

I have an old copy of Leica SKI 2.3 I am attempting to get to work on a modern PC. This is to access archived projects, not to use as a production tool. This version of the software would be 8-10 years old and at the time the prevalent hardware lock was a parallel port dongle. Leica now offers a USB dongle (and possibly the parallel one too?)

In any event, since you can't buy a laptop with a parallel port, I upgraded my dongle to USB.

I have SKI 2.3 running in a VMware (virtual PC) WIN98SE environment within Vista, however SKI 2.3 DOES NOT recognize the USB dongle, so I am only getting the "non protected" part of the software to run.

Were USB dongles even in existence during the era when this was a current software, and if so, what is the trick to getting SKI 2.3 to recognize the dongle? WIN98SE does apparently recognize the dongle correctly and install drivers, etc., best I can tell the OS is OK with the dongle.

This will definitely be reaching into the way back machine, BUT maybe somebody here has run SKI 2.3 on a WIN98SE box with a USB dongle successfully????


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